• Navigation in the rain V

    Navigation in the rain V

    1995, 81 x 100cm, Mixed media on japanese paper on board

Since 2012 I am engaged in studying my work again, naturally through painting new works. Subject matter is almost the same like before: ships, landscapes with birds, flowers, etc.

If the history of fine art, particularly painting is a growing tree, there is a tall tree rising when we see the past (and maybe today). Every branch and all the leaves are great masters and many unknown painters, including the ones of Altamira or Lascoau. This tree rooted deep and the roots suck up water from the soil of the field.

After the Second World War, ist this tree still growing? Or is there no more growth? I am not sure about this. We are already in the epilogue of this long history.

I hope to walk near the tree a little more, and eagerly listen its murmur. It seems like an old artisan is looking for something, maybe a milestone somewhere on a foggy field. With a toolbox? Of course this is vital for the quality of his work.

I think what I just wrote about is too abstract and I continue painting with traditional materials, techniques and concept. Perhaps I only talked about an artisan spirit and he is only thinking while he is working.